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Michele & Joe

Please call Ivette Amaro for reservations @
1 800-859-7225 ext 13151
email iamaro@rccl.com

she can link our reservations to the cruises listed

Appropriate Daytime Attire 
Note the weather conditions at your time of travel and pack accordingly, including: 
* Lightweight shorts
* Slacks
* Sundresses
* Jeans
* Tops
* Swimwear
* Light jacket
* Sweater
* Socks
* Comfortable shoes (boat shoes, sandals or sneakers)

Appropriate Nighttime Attire 
For men: 
* Sport shirt
* Dress shirt
* Long pants
* Sports jacket or suit
* Tuxedo

Appropriate Nighttime Attire
For women:
* Dress
* Blouse
* Slacks

updated Jan 3ed, 2010
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